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One day, my life will be such. Once it gets there, I’m gonna take a long vacay and not come back until I’m on the verge of mucking things up again.

So, I’ve managed to progress one a couple of new scripts, and my book is going well. Oh, did I not mention I’m writing a second book? Second?!¬†You cry! Why yes! I’ve written one, never published, never intended for it to be. It’s a fair size 200+ pages. The longest work I’ve ever done. It took an immense amount of commitment and work, but I finished it to my happiness. So, now I”m working on a second, that I do intend to publish. I haven’t settled on a small press or self-publish. If I decide to do the latter, I want to be able to pay for some PR service for the sake of getting my name to be a little more known. That’s my goal in life right now. I need to get my name out there, because by the time I’m thirty I need to be doing cool shit with my life.

I am progressing though. I have a ten book series for the Digital Manga Guild that I’m working on called Magician. This is my first non-yaoi title, which is pretty big because that makes it the first title I can promote to people I know without causing a big fuss that will get back to my family. They are the very definition of homophobic, which is really disappointing. That aside, after this series I’m going to have 13 titles under my name as editor! I always wanted to work in comics! I mean, its not DC, but I’m making my way there. I don’t get paid that much from the DMG, but my last book sold better then my first two combined! That means I’m actually getting a pretty okay royalty check. Not great, but definitely something I need right now. I’ve been trying to stick it out and do what i have to do in the gutter so I can get to the golden street above ya’ dig? Real inspiration right here people!

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