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One day, my life will be such. Once it gets there, I’m gonna take a long vacay and not come back until I’m on the verge of mucking things up again.

So, I’ve managed to progress one a couple of new scripts, and my book is going well. Oh, did I not mention I’m writing a second book? Second?! You cry! Why yes! I’ve written one, never published, never intended for it to be. It’s a fair size 200+ pages. The longest work I’ve ever done. It took an immense amount of commitment and work, but I finished it to my happiness. So, now I”m working on a second, that I do intend to publish. I haven’t settled on a small press or self-publish. If I decide to do the latter, I want to be able to pay for some PR service for the sake of getting my name to be a little more known. That’s my goal in life right now. I need to get my name out there, because by the time I’m thirty I need to be doing cool shit with my life.

I am progressing though. I have a ten book series for the Digital Manga Guild that I’m working on called Magician. This is my first non-yaoi title, which is pretty big because that makes it the first title I can promote to people I know without causing a big fuss that will get back to my family. They are the very definition of homophobic, which is really disappointing. That aside, after this series I’m going to have 13 titles under my name as editor! I always wanted to work in comics! I mean, its not DC, but I’m making my way there. I don’t get paid that much from the DMG, but my last book sold better then my first two combined! That means I’m actually getting a pretty okay royalty check. Not great, but definitely something I need right now. I’ve been trying to stick it out and do what i have to do in the gutter so I can get to the golden street above ya’ dig? Real inspiration right here people!

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So, I always forget I have this damn thing. I’m just going to link it to my main facebook account, I mean this is only a pen name after all! I haven’t got any friends who exactly dwell the same parts of the internet all the time, so I guess what I use the pen name for is safe until further notice.

So, I suppose this is what I’ve been waiting for. The moment where I can start over and officially say, “This is me! This is my work!” I think I have that now. I think that everyone should get the luxury of starting over. I find many times its easier to start from scratch. That’s not to say that you should always walk away from problems, but for progress to ever be truly made, you have to be willing to throw things away. I start like 3 poems a day and  I never keep any of them. Seriously. I write them, finish them sometimes, and then flat out throw them away. You can’t move forward attached to what you already have! Those who have nothing have nothing to lose!!!

So, I’ve managed to make money off of smut. Frankly, this is something I’ve talked about for a long time with friends, though no one took me seriously. I didn’t take me seriously. But I am now happily expecting a royalty check from the most hard core man sex novel I’ve ever read and/or worked on in my life. Like this is some crazy fangirl stuff that I’d write about in my free time. Neck-Tie outsold my other titles COMBINED. My Sempai is a sweet love story about two dudes, Full Bloom is a sweet love story about two dudes (and a sister), and then there’s Neck-Tie. A sadistic lawyer gets a pet. It’s hard core. It’s intense. It’s borderline morally wrong. It’s delicious to read. Which certainly explains the sales.

In the interest of hopefully drumming up business and shameless promotion here is the link on good ole amazon:

The other two books are on Amazon as well.

This post is sponsored by my manga series though. Let me tell you why this is important to me. I’m poor. Not joking. I’ve got about 6 dollars TO MY NAME. The royalty check from Neck-Tie is literally a utility bill with a little money left over. Talk about lifesaver right?

Do you know what that does to a person? Terrible things. I’ve been depending on my hubby to help me make ends meet. Poverty does awful things to a person’s soul, but incredible things for their writing. I’ve written more then I ever have in a long time. I intend to become a comic book writer, I hope to write superhero comics for a spell and then later in life settle into some creator owned stuff. I’ll be a real Jimmy Palmiotti or Mark Millar when this is over. Ideally. If I stay poor like this, I think I can pull that off. My writing has never been more raw and driven. That’s why musicians always fucking suck when they get famous. Hip-hop songs about trying to make it aren’t as good about hip-hop songs about having made it. That’s just how it works. So, since I cannot give the world my talents in a job, I will give it my words instead.

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Past, future… I think Im missing one…

Luckily for me, no one reads this blog. AND! Since no one does, *looks around coyly* I suppose I can truly act a fool online. First off! I have a new goal, I’m to be a librarian. Why you may ask? Because I firmly believe in two things:


1. In personal freedoms: It really bothers me that everyone wants to talk about their personal freedoms, but no one wants to actually USE them (or in many cases allow others to enjoy theirs). When we find ways to better ourselves and fix our stupid social ills, a lot gets done (more on this at another time). I believe that you cannot, I repeat, CANNOT have personal freedoms if you have no personal responsibility to those around you. I feel that you cannot enjoy them, take them for granted, and that’s no good. If everyone isn’t paying, then it isn’t fair. Under this heading, I also don’t believe that personal freedoms for free people (and by that I mean those who don’t commit crimes) are ever “bargaining chips”. Ever. If you feel you have to take away someone’s right to do something, for the sake of X, your an idiot, a fascist, a politician or your just planning things wrong. All of which are awful.


2. In the power of words. I think the written word is the most important thing to happen to mankind. Without it, we would have no instructions, plans, calendars, buildings, math, anything! I can hardley illustrate how big words are to the world. These words (in any language) come together to express ideas, hopes, dreams, intentions, opinions, and most importantly information. A single word can convey whole notions and ideas in itself. Having such a power is immensely important. I believe that everyone in the world has a right to clean food, clean water, basic medical care, and information in abundance (all with those personal freedoms talked about). I think the internet is a right as much as a book is. And that’s where being a librarian comes into play. With soo much information in the world, such vast amounts of it not only being created everyday, but the ways its received and given to people, we need someone who cares that people are getting it. We need people who care that people are able to use it properly, we need people whose sole duty is to find better ways to get more information to more people in better ways. That’s where librarians come in.


I think being a librarian will be seen as uncool or unnecessary for a very long time. I think both are false. I didn’t have a bad experience at a library until I was 22, when I moved into my current place and went to the library down the street from me. The library itself is very nice, it’s a small building, easily passed if your not looking for it, and it bears an uncanny resemblance to the police building it sits next to. The collections are good, not great, but good. They have a strong Children’s section, a lot of variety (which should always be important in any kids library), their biggest issue was in fact the people working there (along with the stupid library system of southflorida). They were rude to just about every patron that dealt with them, they treated people like a nuisance, not as a patron. That bothered me. InCentral Floridathe librarians and library workers are incredbily warm and helpful, talkative and delightful. If I had to guess, I’d say that I’ve set foot in close to fifteen public libraries in different locations (in twenty four years? I’d say that’s a pretty good number), and it wasn’t until southfloridathat I came across people who honestly seemed like they were just working there, instead of enjoying being there. This saddened me, and infuriated me immensely, having spent so much time in libraries (both personal and public) it didn’t really hit home that there are people out there that might honestly just get tired of working around books.


I think it takes more then just a love for books to work in a library. It takes a special sort of relationship with people first off. I know that seems to make little sense, but hear me out (Insert noises of crickets from my non-existent audience). I really do like people. I like to hear how they had this one great year followed by a really rough one, I like to hear the questions they have and figure out ways to answer them. And so I’ve now dedicated myself to a life of selfish indulgent never ending knowledge. There’s gonna be so much of the stuff I’m gonna be sick of it, but it’ll be okay, because I’m sure I’ll need it all one day. I’m going to have to learn a little bit about everything, or a lot about a few things, though I prefer the first one. Librarians are incredibly useful like that. You’re all going to wish you had one when the zombie apocalypse starts… =)

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Greetings Internet!

Well now, this will constitute the first post of my blog. I know blog’s are so cliché nowadays, but I think it’s vastly important in the age of technology for people to be able to connect with each other in various ways, even me. Speaking of me, I suppose introductions are in order: My name is Genevieve Castleton. The gist of it is, I’m a writer. Not a novelist, not a poet, a writer, I write anything, everything, so as to catch whatever feeling or moment there may be, and the format doesn’t much matter to me. But it matters to others, and that always sucks. I enjoy writing fantasy, steampunk, and short stories the most, and that’s why this blog is here, to let others enjoy things like that with me.

My love for writing is something that I want to indulge in for the rest of my life on a personal and professional level, though, much like many other professions I tend to keep my personal separate from my professional. This blog is my blog to my as of now, almost completely non-existent fan base. I want to hear what you have to say, and have you enjoy my works, I want to be able to know if you really really hated something I did in one of my stories, and more importantly, I want you to read them. No gimmicks, no monthly fees, no money out of your pocket. Just a little bit of time. But then again, that’s all anything worth having ever needs.

This is long. I didn’t think I had this much to say. Oh! Note: This all sounds incredibly formal and stiff. I swear the whole blog will improve from here on out, you just gotta be patient with me. =)


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