About Me? I think so…

I’d like to think that I’m awesome with talking about myself.

I’d like to think that I’m awesome at thinking.

I’d like to think that I”m awesome at everything.

I’d like to think that all of the above is not a bunch of hooey. Hi my name is Ginny, and there’s something deeply moving and incredibly awkward about me. Great start, check please. Also, I am an aspiring writer, and by aspiring I mean that one day I hope I have a committed fan base of 5,000 people willing to pay a dollar a month to read something I did so that I can enjoy myself to the fullest extent and live a comfy life of leisurely bitching and complaining about the weather or my tomatoes, or whatever the shit middle class people talk about. This isn’t about me. Um… I’m rather fond of Ihop. No lie, love the place. And uh… I’m also rather fond of… things like writing. Shit, this is bad. I’m done. Someday I hope to come back and take another crack at my own self aggrandizing. Perhaps a more straightforward humble approach?

Hi, I’m Ginny, just another person out there hoping to be a famous writer. I like Harry Potter and Ihop and I’m terribly allergic to work, as it causes me to swoon. Lovely. I think I like that better. It makes me sound so chic.


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