When there is work to be done…

10 Mar

I’m never the one to do it.

Unless I’m the one that HAS to do it. Note the difference there. Okay, so that aside my little ducklings, I suppose it’s only righteous and fair for me to start “setting the tone” for you poor souls that got looped into reading this, by truly intoning the nature of this blog. While I have already informed you (see previous post) of my intention to use this blog to shamelessly infect the internet with my work, I think it only fair that I also share other works that I run across. Now, heads up, this isn’t going to work out between me and you if you’re not my type. If you know who KyoAni is, you’ve played a Final Fantasy game (whether for the great story of the early games or the great looking men in the later ones), you find that you enjoy the emotional nuances that the Ringbearers of the Green Lanterns series possess, then your my type. If you think anime is for nerds and cartoons is for kids, leave now!! GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!! *clears throat*. Now that the panic is over, let’s move on.

Okay, so projects to look out for:

-The launch of How Amuseing, my main site (and may I add, my first website).

-The launch of St. Hinoi, a wonderful story about a high schooler named Lu Tian. Lu has the perfect life: girlfriend, good grades, loving but mildly overbearing parents, and friends. However nothing is perfect, and he gets the chance to change his life when he meets Harland, a man who can turn into a fox, and notorious scoundrel.

-More blog posts here, for I find that I have a certain amount of affection for blogging.

Well, that should be all of it. I’ll post more info up here when A. People start reading this and B. When I feel a bit less lazy.

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